TeacherSherpa At a Glance

TeacherSherpa has been developed to provide a simple and convenient way for teachers to create and share their work, inspiring teachers everywhere! We have combined two teacher worlds together - The Editor for creating, and an Inspiration Wall for sharing and inspiring.  By giving you the tools to create, share and inspire other teachers all in one place, TeacherSherpa hopes to empower every teacher. 


01. Profile Page 

Your Profile Page is like your classroom. This is where all of your materials live, where you can view how other teachers are interacting with your public materials, and where Following/Followers are located.  Learn more.




02. The Inspiration Wall 

The Inspiration Wall is like a bulletin board in your classroom where work is displayed for other teachers to browse, borrow and get inspired.  The Inspiration Wall gives teachers a place to give back to our growing community, by having a central place where materials that are 'made public' can be seen by all, and edited if you are a premium member. Learn more.  




03. The Editor (premium members only)

The Editor is a tool designed with teachers in mind.  This is where you create your original materials and edit materials that have been 'made public' by other premium members.  

We've pre-loaded our editor with fun teacher fonts, elements (such as backgrounds, frames, shapes, lines and clipart collections), a drawing tool and integrated search for other images and clipart you may need. You can also "heart" any of the fonts, clipart and doodles to find quickly and easily, later. Learn more. 




04. Make Public (premium members only)

Because we are a community that encourages sharing and borrowing, we make it easy for you to 'Make Public' what you create. When you have finished creating a great template, lesson or activity and you're proud of your work, simply click on the 'Add Details & Make Public' located at the top right corner.  This is the only way others can discover your awesomeness! Learn More.




05. Copy and Edit Existing Materials (premium members only)

When another member has made something 'public', this is their way of saying, "I am gladly sharing my created materials with you. Go ahead and make it your own, and edit what you need to."

You can edit a copy of the originalwhich you find on the Inspiration Wall. Learn more




06. Following/Followers

Like your campus community, where teachers know one another, we thought you might like to get to know other educators that are part of the TeacherSherpa community. We've included the option for you to follow others ('Following') and for others to follow you ('Followers').

Updates of the most recently contributed materials by those you follow will be easily accessible. Learn more.




07. TeacherSherpa Rewards

You work hard, we know you do! We realize you aren't in it for the money - you create and share because that's the kind of teacher you are.  So, we want to reward you for helping to grow our community. You will earn $$ for each new premium member who joins through your unique link. Learn more

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