Folders & My Work

Organizing the work you've created is made simple on our platform.  We give you the option to save your materials into Public or Private folders.  

Private Folders are where My Work, Recently Viewed, Bookmarks and Private folders you create, are kept.  

  • My Work is where your work in progress is automatically saved.
  • Recently Viewed is where your recently browsed templates will show up.
  • Bookmarks show all the materials you have bookmarked from other members. 
  • Private Folders are other folders you have created, color-coded and given a unique title to, for your own organization of materials.  



Public Folders are where you will save materials that you Make Public to the community.  You can create as many folders as you'd like. Do what works for you. 



Get Started With Folders

Follow the steps below to view a folder's contents, create a new folder and color-code for your own organization.  

Step 1 Viewing Public/Private Folders

From your profile page, you will see a Folders & My Work tab. Located underneath, are your private/public folders.  

Simply click on a folder,   

and you will be taken there to view all the materials you that are saved there.


To return to all of your folders, click your profile pic, or click the drop-down menu in the top toolbar and select 'See All Folders'.


Step 2 Creating a Folder

Whether you are looking to create a private or public folder, all you need to do is click on +Create.      



Step 3 Name & Color-Code New Folder

Once you've clicked to create a folder (step 2), you will then give your folder a name, and have the option to select a color for your folder. 




That's it! It's that simple!

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