The public view of your profile page is where other members are able to interact with you.  Here is where members, from the community, can 'Follow' you or view your 'Followers' and visit other members public view profile pages.  

Other members cannot view who you are Following.  Below is an example of  what you would see if this were your own profile page.  The Public View shows only your Followers, not your Following tab. 


Follow the steps below to 'Follow' and View other member's profiles. 

Step 1 Click a member's heart

Members can click the heart on another member's Profile Image to become a 'Follower'.



The more you create awesome stuff that others use and share, the more followers you will have. The more followers you have, the more you are helping other fellow teachers to be successful in their profession! And, of course, the more you share the more you will earn if you are part of the Referral Program


Step 2 Click 'Followers' tab

You might wonder why anyone would want or need to view your Followers.  Well, think of it as a networking opportunty! Teachers love meeting other teachers, and borrowing ideas from one another and vice versa. So go ahead, introduce your followers to other members in our community.



That's it! It's that simple!

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