What is a Profile Page?

Your Profile Page is like your classroom. This is where all of your materials live, where you can view how other teachers are interacting with your public materials, and where Following/Followers are located. 

This is also where you organize folders for your created materials, access bookmarks, and browse and search our Inspiration Wall.  Your profile page is the center of it all. As your saved materials continue to grow, your profile will become a filing cabinet of your favorite and most used lessons and activities!

01. Creating/Editing Your Profile

Looking to get started creating your profile page? Click here to learn how to create or edit your profile page, add/edit a description, upload a profile picture and banner and add social links to your profile page. 




02. Folders & My Work 

There are two types of Folders located on your profile page - Public & Private

Click here to learn more about viewing, creating and color-coding your Private/Public folders. 



03. Following/Followers

The public view of your profile page is where other members are able to interact with you.  Members can 'Follow' you and view your 'Followers'.  Click here to learn more about how to Follow and where to view Following/Followers.  



04. Sharing Through Social

We've made it simple to share your profile, and the material's you've made public, by using the social share icons located on your profile page.  Click here to read more about how to spread the love and share your awesome materials with the world! 


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