Public Profile View

Once you have created and 'Made Public' at least one type of material (activity, flashcards, etc) your Profile Page changes to a Public View, which others can see. 

Although your profile becomes public, folders and materials that you keep private are never accessible nor can be viewed by others. In addition, only you are able to view the members you Follow.   

01 Made Public Materials

Anyone who browses the Inspiration Wall and discovers one of your created materials (which you 'Made Public') can click on the Card and view your Public Profile.  


02 Searching Your Profile Title

Your Public Profile can also be found when a member is own their own profile page and types your Profile Title (Ex: Ms. R's Classroom) into the Search Bar.  


Basically, creating and sharing at least one 'Made Public' material will get you on the map to being discovered by others. 


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