Creating/Editing Your Profile

Watch this short tutorial video or view the 4 steps below to get started creating/editing your profile. 


How to Create a Profile from TeacherSherpa on Vimeo.


Step 1 Edit 

Click the EDIT button on your Profile Page or access by clicking the folder and Go to Editor. This will take you to the Profile Details page.




Step 2 Adding Description

Your Profile Title is the name you are searchable by within our community. Share a little insight about yourself in the Profile Description. Remember to click UPDATE when you finish this section. 




Step 3 Profile Image & Banner 

Browse and upload a photo from your own device for your Profile Image and Profile Banner.  If you are having issues uploading, check the noted specifications for uploading images. Remember to click UPDATE when you finish each of these sections. 




Step 4 Adding Social Media 

Adding Social Media links is important, especially if you are part of our Referral Program. Simply add each URL in the appropriate sections.

The more accessible your materials are to the world, the bigger our community will grow, and the more you will reap the benefits!



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