What is the TeacherSherpa Referral Program?

The TeacherSherpa Referral Program is built to allow teachers to earn referral Commissions for doing what they already do - create and share Classroom Materials.


01. How it works? 

It's simple. Once you activate your Referral ID, all you have to do is use any of your referral links to invite people to join TeacherSherpa. When someone clicks on one of your referral links to visit TeacherSherpa, we will place a "cookie" (yes, this is a technical term) on their computer letting us know if they sign up and become Premium Members. You will earn $10 when they do.


02. How to get started? 

Sign up and go to your Referral Dashboard via the user menu dropdown. You will need to activate your Referral ID to get started.



Once your Referral ID is activated, you will see your Referral Dashboard providing you with all the information you need to track your referral leads, earnings, and payments.


03. What's on the Referral Dashboard? 

The Referral Dashboard provides you with:

1 - Affiliate Code - This is your unique Referral ID, also referred to as Affiliate Code. When you see it in your URLs it means we are tracking referrals on your behalf.

2 - Referral Link - This is just one of your referral links. This one takes people to the home page of TeacherSherpa. Your other referral links are your Profile page URL and any of your Template URLs. 

3 - Progress - Follow how many of the people/friends you have referred to TeacherSherpa who have visited us, signed up and become Premium Members.

4 - Payments - As soon as your referrals become paid Premium Members you will earn $10. You will see your commissions earned under Commissions Upcoming. We pay commission 3 month after the transaction has occurred to allow for any credit card cancelation.



04. My Referral Links 

You have several referral links you can share:

Your home page link - is the link in your Referral Dashboard (#2 in the above screenshot).  You can also use the share icons to share this home page link.

Your profile link - you can easily share you profile from any of the share icons. Your referral ID will automatically be embedded in the URL. 


Your template links - you can easily share your materials from any of the share icons. Your referral ID will automatically be embedded in the URL. 



05. How/when do I get paid 

Payments are made via PayPal eChecks. You'll receive an email from PayPal similar to this one. PayPal will take you through the process to receive your funds. We process payments on the last day of every month.


06. Someone I referred isn't showing on my dashboard 

When someone clicks on a link that has a Referral ID, a "cookie" is installed on their device. This "cookie" is valid for one month and is on a first come basis. Meaning, if this user clicks on multiple links that have different Referral IDs, it will always be the last one that gets the credit for the referral. Likewise, if the user disallows cookies or otherwise blocks cookies, we will not be able to track the referral.


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