What is the Inspiration Wall?

The Inspiration Wall is like a bulletin board in your classroom where work is displayed for other teachers to browse, borrow and get inspired.  The Inspiration Wall gives teachers a place to give back to our growing community, by having a central place where materials that are 'made public' can be seen by all, and edited if you are a premium member.   

Whether you're looking for print-and-go materials to teach a fraction lesson, or wish to edit a reading activity to meet the needs of your own students, the Inspiration Wall is where to find it.   

01. Search & Browse the Inspiration Wall

You're looking for a great activity that's been shared by members of the community. How do you find it? Click here to discover how to access and search the Inspiration Wall where editable materials have been shared. 





02. The Cards (shared materials)

Cards are visual snapshots of the materials that members have created and contributed to the TeacherSherpa community. 

Click here to learn more about the many things you can do with Cards, such as discover other work from the teacher-author, view all pages and details, bookmark, share and duplicate & edit. 




03. Meet Teacher Creators

When you find an activity that inspires you, you might want to meet and discover more about the amazing teacher creator that shared their materials.  Click here to learn how to view their profile, see other work they have shared, share their link with others and start Following them. 



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