Cards (shared materials)

Cards are what we refer to when we are talking about the visual snapshots of materials that have been shared and made public on the Inspiration Wall.  

When interacting with Cards, you are able to access the material's Preview Page, visit the author's profile page, bookmark, share and duplicate & edit shared materials. 




01 Preview Page             

Whether you want to view every page of an activity you've found on the Inspiration Wall or would like to see the description and details, Preview Page is where you will want to go. Click here to learn more about the Preview Page 




02  Visit an Author's Profile             

If you would like to "meet" the author who created an activity you've discovered, click on the Created By or the author's picture towards the bottom of the card. Click here to learn more about what you can do when on an Author's Public Profile Page




03  Bookmark            

By clicking the card's Bookmark, it will be saved into your Bookmarks Folder located on your profile page. If you changed your mind, simply click again and it will be "un-bookmarked". 




04  Share

If you love what a member has created, remember to show them a little love by sharing on social.  On the card, click on the Share Icon, to take you to the Preview Page. Click here to learn more about using Social Sharing. 



05  Duplicate & Edit

Kudos to members who love to and are eager to share their materials with one another!  When you find an activity you'd like to duplicate and make changes to, it's simple.  Click here to discover how easy it is. 












If you'd like to borrow something from the Inspiration Wall, simply click thePaintbrush to make a copy of an editable version. A copy will be automatically saved in your My Work folder and you will be taken into theEditor to make the changes you would like. Learn more



Step 1 Click the Image 

Click the Image you would like to view. This will take you to the shared material's Details Page.  

Step 2 Description & View of All Pages 

Now you are on the details page of the selected materials. You are able to read the description, see tagged categories and aligned CCSS, and you are able to use the left and right arrows to scroll through and view each page of the author's created materials. 





Step 3 Duplicate & Edit Materials

You love what the original author has created, but maybe there are a few things you'd like to edit to meet the needs of your class. While in the details page, simply click the paintbrush in the top right corner. 





This will give you the option to make a copy and edit it. 




Step 4 Print, Bookmark, Flag

If you would like to print or bookmark materials, the details page is also where you can access those options. 

We know we have a responsible group of educators in our community. However, if there is something that has been shared, which you find offensive, please Flag the materials in the details page and we will address the issue promptly. 


Step 5 Social Sharing

To share the materials you are viewing in the details page, click on one of the icons to email, post to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. 


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