What's on the Referral Dashboard?

03. What's on the Referral Dashboard? 

The Referral Dashboard provides you with your:

1 - Affiliate Code - This is your unique Referral ID also referred to as Affiliate Code. When you see it in your URLs it means we are tracking referrals on your behalf.

2 - Referral Link - This is just one of your referral links. This one takes people to the home page of TeacherSherpa. Your other referral links are your Profile page URL and any of your Template URLs. 

3 - Progress - Follow how many of the people/friends you have referred to TeacherSherpa have visited us, signed up and become Premium Members.

4 - Payments - As soon as your referrals become paid Premium Members you will earn $10. You will see your commissions earned under Commissions Upcoming. We pay commission 3 month after the transaction has occurred to allow for any credit card cancelation.


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