Copyright restrictions

Copyrights differ on TeacherSherpa based on whether or not you are the original author of the material or not. 


Graphic Elements : All Graphic Elements that you will find on TeacherSherpa (clipart, fonts, lines, shapes, images, Pixabay content etc..) fall under CC0 copyright license, meaning you can use them for any purpose. Read more about Pixabay content here.

Original Author : Any materials that you create on TeacherSherpa you can use for any purpose. Meaning, you can use them for personal, educational  and/or commercial use, i.e. to sell on 3rd party platforms. 

Not the Original Author : If you duplicate any material then you ARE NOT allowed to use it for commercial use, but you are allowed to use it for personal or educational use.


For more information refer to the our Copyright Policy  



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