Adding and editing text

The Text feature 

When selecting a font we automatically create a text box in the center of the canvas. Click it once to move it, expand it or rotate it. Click it twice to edit it. You'll be able to add and format text.

The Text feature in TeacherSherpa has 3 sections:

01 Section A

Select and click the font you would like to use. There are over 400 fonts you can select from.


02 Section B

In this section you can change the font, the size of the font, select Bold, Italic or Underline. You can select the font color and the box color. You can also move the whole box forward or back in relations to other graphic elements on the canvas. You have the ability to right, center and left justify and increase the line height.  The little lock icon is to lock the text box in place so that you can add a graphic element on top and easily select it. To access the locked text box you'll need to do so by selecting the Select Locked Element in the Arrange drop-down menu. 

Lastly, you can select the transparency, the border width of the text box and the alignment by clicking the little white down arrow on the bottom right corner of the tool box. 


03 Section C

The bottom right corner of the text box allows you to expand and rotate. 

  • To expand the text box place your cursor on the bottom right corner until you see a straight arrow. Drag and hold the arrow as you pull out to the bottom right.
  • To rotate the text box place your cursor on the bottom right corner until you see a circular arrow, click and hold as you rotate. You can also hold the Shift key as you do that in order to rotate in 15 degree increments. 




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