Adding Grids

Adding Grids

Adding a grid on TS is simple. You can go about it in two different ways.

01 Selecting a grid from clipart

Select the Grids & Labels collection in the Clipart section of Elements. We've added some basic grids you can easily add to your canvas. If you need others we'll be more than happy to create them and add them to this collection. So feel free to email us your requests at




02 Creating a Grid

You can also easily create a grid from scratch by simply drawing straight lines.... here is a very short video.

  1. Draw a straight line by pressing the Shift Key and clicking the Line icon in the Draw section.
  2. Copy this line as many times as you would like rows.
  3. Select all these lines and click left justify in the hovering tool box
  4. Group all these lines by selecting them and clicking Group Elements in the Arrange dropdown menu. 
  5. Repeat these steps or copy the selection and then rotate to a 90 degree angle. You can easily rotate by pressing the Shift Key and then hovering over and clicking on the bottom right angle when the little curved arrow appears.
  6. Trim each group of lines to fit properly to your specifications.
  7. Group both set of lines and then resize the table to your desired dimension. 


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