Submitting Materials

All members are encouraged to submit and share their materials with the rest of the TeacherSherpa community. 

Materials must abide by our the TeacherSherpa Copyright Policy and Terms & Conditions. Materials can be removed from the inspiration wall at the discretion of TeacherSherpa.

Materials should follow these basic guidelines:

  • Include an engaging cover page
  • All pages should be editable
  • Have a short and clear description of the material (what is included and how it can be used)
  • Tag the appropriate categories
  • Select the Common Core Standards (when applicable)

How to Submit and Share materials on the Inspiration Wall

1) Once you have created your material and are ready to Submit simply click the red "Upload to Inspiration Wall" button. 


2) Confirm that your materials fit the basic criteria and click Confirm & Submit


3) Materials are reviewed by our Sherpa team within 48hrs. All materials that are approved will show in search results within a 48hr time period. If your materials aren't approved you will receive an email with an explanation and what to do to resubmit. 

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